Turkish And Chinese Traditional Music Concert

Pekin Büyükelçiliği 23.09.2013

In the framework of the “Turkish Culture Year in China”, under an cooperation between the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Beijing and the China Conservatory, Mr. Tahir Aydoğdu, Mrs. Li Lingling, Mr. Hakan Emre Ziyagil and Mrs. Hülya Aydoğdu will give a concert titled“Turkish and Chinese Traditional Music” on Friday, 25th October 2013 at 19:15 hours at the China Conservatory.

The people who would like to join the said concert they can contact with the following e-mail or telephone numbers to take their invitation from the Turkish Embassy.

Ms. Jenny, Hao Jiayi

Tel: 65321715 ext. 9803, E-mail: haojiayi@hotmail.co.uk

The number of invitations is limited.

Yours sincerely,


Monday - Friday

09.00 - 12.30 / 14.00 - 18.00

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