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Press Release Regarding The Resolutions Adopted By The Parliament Of South Australia , 07.05.2009

The Parliament of South Australia, one of  the six states in Australia, has passed resolutions in April, in both its Upper and Lower Houses, recognizing the events which took place between 1915-1923, concerning minorities such as Armenians, Pontian Greeks, Assyrians and other minorities in Asia-minor, as “genocide”. Turkey regrets and strongly condemns these resolutions.

Along centuries, Turkish people cohabited with Armenians, Pontian Greeks, Assyrians and other minorities in Asia-minor, in peace and harmony and have never undertaken any inhuman act against these people.

Distorting the events which happened under World War I circumstances that caused both Turkish and Armenian people to suffer heavily, and identifying these events as “genocide” with a one-sided approach, is an extremely irresponsible attitude. It is regretfully observed that local Australian politicians have surrendered to the pressures of Armenian and Greek lobbying groups, which, with a racist approach and by distorting historical facts, have mastered skills of propaganda and deception with feelings of hatred and vengeance.
Given the fact that assessments regarding historical events can be best rendered by historians, Turkey has proposed to the Government of Armenia the establishment of a “joint commission of history”, to be composed of historians from Turkey, Armenia and other countries, which would carry out objective and scientific studies.

Turkish people are disappointed that the State Parliament of South Australia has preferred to pass a resolution based on distorted information regarding 1915 events, instead of supporting our proposal of joint commission of historians. Said attitude of the mentioned State Parliament also contradicts with the strong and cordial bonds of amity between Turkish and Australian people, developed in the aftermath of the Çanakkale battles.

Such an attitude against the spirit of bilateral relations between Turkey and Australia has caused considerable disappointment in Turkey.