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Press Release Regarding The Elections Held In Albania , 04.07.2009

We welcome that the elections of 28 June 2009 in Albania were held in a safe and calm atmosphere and in conformity with fundamental democratic standarts. We hope that the elections, having met the expectations of the international community to a considerable extent, constitute an important phase in Albania’s integration into the European Union.
We believe that the elections and the consequent government to be formed will consolidate the standing of Albania as a factor of stability in the region, owing to its balanced and constructive policies, and will also be conducive for promoting the well-being of the people of Albania.
Turkey is, as always, prepared to continue supporting Albania which has accomplished significant progress along the path of democracy, stability and development. In the same vein, Turkey is disposed to continue the excellent relations, which are free of any political problems, and to pursue cooperation in all fields also in the period ahead.