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Press Release Regarding The Murder Of Bishop Prof. Luigi Padovese , 03.06.2010

We were dismayed to hear that Bishop Prof. Luigi Padovese lost his life as a result of being stabbed by his driver today in İskenderun, Hatay. The death of Padovese, who was a friend of Turkey and author of many publications about our country, is a human, religious and academic loss.

This attack on a man of religion, whatever its reason might be, has received significant public condemnation.

We have learned that the suspect, who has psychological problems and is currently being treated, was apprehended with the murder weapon. Detailed information will be shared with the public when the ongoing judicial investigation is concluded.

This murder has led to deep sorrow for everyone. Hoping that the deceased will rest in peace, we extend our most sincere condolences to his family, to our citizens of Christian belief and the entire Catholic community.