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Economic and Commercial Relations of Turkey and China, 02.11.2011

Economic and trade relations between Turkey and China have rapidly developed in the last decade. However, the current level of bilateral economic relations does not reflect the real potential between the two countries. The Turkish Embassy supports the efforts of the Turkish and Chinese firms for further enhancement of economic and commercial ties between Turkey and China. Thus, it provides the necessary information and guidance.

Detailed information and statistical data regarding the economic relations between Turkey and China is available at the web site of the Commercial Section of the Embassy.


Information on export and import to/from Turkey is also available at the afore-mentioned web site.

The Chinese firms which would like to obtain information on the demands and supplies of the Turkish firms are invited to fill out the “company application form” at the above mentioned web site. As soon as the application is approved by the Office of the Commercial Counsellor, a code will be sent to these firms, enabling them to use the data base containing information about the demands and supplies of the Turkish firms. The applicant Chinese firms will also be automatically informed when there is demand for their products.

Turkey, situated at the crossroads of the two continents, is an ideal center for investors seeking for a location at the heart of Euro-Asia. With its dynamic and growing economy, its huge market, competitive and skilled labor force, Turkey offers numerous opportunities to Chinese investors. Comprehensive information for investing in Turkey please visit the web site: http://www.investinturkey.gov.tr/cms/

For additional information on foreign trade legislation, producer and exporter companies, trade fairs, customs legislation etc. Please visit the links below:

Turkish Exporters Directory/Foreign Trade Legislation www.dtm.gov.tr/engmenu.htm

Turkish Undersecretariat of Treasury


Turkish Customs Service www.gumruk.gov.tr

Turkish Export Promotion Centre www.igeme.org.tr

For further inquiries please contact the Office of the Commercial Counsellor.

Office of the Commercial Counsellor

Address: Beijing Lufthansa Center, Unit C812A, Beijing, 100016, People’s Republic of China

Tel: (+86 10) 6464 9538 

Fax: (+86 10) 6464 2268

E-mail: pekin@dtm.gov.tr

Web site: http://www.musavirlikler.gov.tr

Office of the Economic Counsellor

Address: San Li Tun Dong Wu Jie, No.9, Beijing, 100600, People’s Republic of China
Tel: (+86 10) 6532 5054
Fax: (+86 10) 6532 5055
E-mail: hmpek@turkey.org.cn